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Welcome to the ARPJHN

The Regional Upper Normandy Parks and Gardens Association has been in charge of the protection and enhancement of the parks and gardens in our area since it was set up  in 1988 . It has been created for the benefit of owners , carte_accueil_webgarden experts  and officials . It also appeals to a  wider audience of garden lovers who are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues .
And since we are here to deal with gardens , we invite you to come over to our region and visit our gardens . Whether you have your own criteria of choice and wish to plan your future visits accordingly , you could choose the themed visit or if you prefer to go wherever your  inspiration takes you , then you could go for a spontaneous visit .
The association members wish you a pleasant navigation  on the ARPJHN website and hope to welcome you in their gardens very soon .

The President's words

Today in a world where everything is planned and financially measured the people responsible for parks and gardens are most certainly passionate people , garden lovers and fans who very often soften the harsh economical reality to offer us the most beautiful sights . The main purpose of our website is to reach a wider audience and make potential garden lovers discover our gardening talent  which our region favours thanks to the mildness of our climate , a fertile soil and perfect hygrometry .