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The objectives of the Association

Created in 1988, the Regional Upper Normandy Parks and Gardens Association’s objectives are : the protection and enhancement of the Upper Normandy parks and gardens .
It has been designed for the park and garden owners in Eure and Seine Maritime.
But it also appeals to a wide audience of garden lovers who are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues.
The park and garden legacy will only be transmitted to the coming generations if supported by a great visionary imagination and a huge effort of maintenance requiring important financial investments. 
Our parks and gardens are a great asset for the tourism in our region.

The Association’s duties

Initiation of :

  • indispensable preliminary reviews prior to any renovation,
  • landscape studies with the support of qualified landscape designers.

Providing of :
  • advice and expertise on the management and maintenance of parks and gardens,
  • botanical information,
  • recommendations on the choice of technical equipment,
  • legal advice.

It offers technical training days about pruning, cutting and care .

Our association also proposes :

  • visits in outstanding parks and gardens in France and abroad ,
  • participation to several shows on the art of gardening ,
  • the publication of a Garden Bulletin,
  • discounts to the association member.

The association has also created a “Gardener Award “, a Garden award and grants financial help for the renovation , maintenance and creation of selected parks and gardens.

Meeting our members in Flower shows .

A Charity Scheme :

“ Jardins du Coeur “ :  In 2010 this 8th annual event will take place on June 19th and 20th .  
Its objective is to raise funds for the purchase of innovative medical equipment for the Upper Normandy hospitals.